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Webinars are an effective means to educate your audience, enter into conversations about how a digital product works, explain a strategy or raise detailed arguments regarding the topic you want to address.

Is everything under control?

Undesired mistakes happen in live webinars. Even if some of them are sort of acceptable for the audience, in general they affect the brand awareness and the experience of the viewer.

Things that can happen:

  • Sharing the screen and showing your stuff at desktop, apps etc
  • The website is not loading
  • Private info appears when changing to one screen to another
  • Little misunderstandings among presenters/speakers
  • Volume is too low, or volumen among speakers is different
  • 3 first minutes are just to wait for other attendees
  • Typing at browser and show things you wrote before
  • What you want to show it´s too small and you can´t zoom
  • I thought that slide was updated, sorry about that
  • Presenter B is not talking but suddenly appears and.. catched!
  • The video being played is lagging
  • and many more!

Going live has many upsides, also downsides… good news is that editing can mostly solve all of them.

After all, preparing a live webinar takes effort… and the happy ending comes when the final video of your webinar is just perfect.

Our advice: do not upload those mistakes.


Whiten certain areas of screen

No need to see distracting items, such as OS bars or browser bars:

Re-arrange and place text holders

Some people at this meeting did not have camera,

resulting that we see a person-icon. We could put their picture there, or just remove them.

Also, it is possible to put text along the webinar, so you help the audience  letting them know what´s the topic at that moment in case they fast forward. This is specially useful for well scheduled webinars.

We re-size and create frames, too.


Fix sound

Sometimes sound is too low in general, or when you have several speakers, each one has different volume inputs. It can be annoying but hey we can fix that. Also we delete those seconds the speaker sometimes requires.


Also we have our little tricks:


Remove all those little details and keep audience

Speaker says… «sorry about that», «next slide please» or «apologies, it looks like we have a technical issue». We solve these and will do everything possible to deliver a perfect webinar video.

Zoom that part of the screen

Let’s see it better. Also it’s possible to zoom a small part of the screen.



Create cover and snapshot

If you are about to make a webinar series, this is excellent choice, because you can use this image as cover of the video, also as thumbnail for youtube or vimeo. Check out these examples comparing left and right.


Add intro and outro

Provide some glamour to your webinar, adding a nice intro. Really good for webinar series. See this example:



Many more things can be done, such as:

  • Transcode your webinars to other resolutions and codecs
  • Add slides
  • Add voice over
  • Add videos
  • Blur certain areas of video
  • Make a TOC
  • Large ETC !

How it works

We need from you:

  • Original video file of webinar
  • Audio file in case it´s available at better quality
  • Webinar agenda
  • Marketing material in original format such as originals from covers and first slide of presentation
  • Full name / position of hosts / speakers – also their pictures
  • Instructions if there is something you need us to include at certain point, or parts you want to be cropped that are not evident for us.
  • Your logo, fonts and corporate palette etc

We make the job, and send you a link for downloading

When we are taking care of many edits, we will use our revision tool in first webinar edit, so you can point and write exactly what you need and communication will be better. The rest will be faster.



Depending on what you ask for, the lenght, and how many webinars we are about to edit you will get different prices. Prices per unit start from 180€. Taxes excluded. We are VIES VAT holders in Europe.


Expect 2-3 business days per 30 min webinar. Sometimes it´s 24h.


Email: [email protected]



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