VIDEO PROduceR freelance Seville

Enrique Serrano, Filmmaker freelance videographer born in Seville, Spain, is a Director | DOP | Cameraman and audiovisual consultant specialist with own gear and crew. Welcome to my website!

Last 10 years I have been working as a freelance filmmaker, cameraman and editor offering several video production services in the corporate film area.

If you’re looking for a video producer, director or cameraman for your project happening in my area, I can help.

Contact me for hire by sending a message through the contact page or WhatsApp me.

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Video Production

I have experience producing hundreds of business videos for companies, such as Coca Cola Iberian Partners, Elsevier, Primark, HP and others not so popular brands. 

From short-films to youtube vídeos, from cameraman to focus puller, from audiovisual consultant for companies to 1st AD, always looking forward to learn and achieve the best results.

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Enrique Serrano
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It´s good when you need a filmmaker in Seville / Andalucia / Spain:

All legal

Civil responsibility insurance, Vies VAT approved, used to sign NDAs. 


Full movility

Able to work anywhere with optimized gear prepared for travelling anywhere in Europe.


Coach on-camera talent experienced

I´m used to help here and it´s for me. Used to work with KOLs / senior executives / scientists. Executive Coaching for optimizing on-camera performance. 



S1H (netflix approved) and GH6 available with Atomos Ninja V. Premium optics and filters. Led fresnel lights aputures 300x, Rode NTG 3, Edelkrone electronic slider, gimball, etc. Comfortable with BM and Sony. 3 Mac computers, NAS and 25 m2 office with 4 spots available. 7 seater van. 



I can make special shots such as timelapses with electronic slider. Expert in testimonial vídeos. Very used to directing and scripting all kind of business video.