Filmmaker freelance Seville

Enrique Serrano, Filmmaker freelance videographer born in Seville, Spain, is a Director | DOP | Cameraman and audiovisual consultant specialist with own gear and crew. Welcome to my website!

Last 8 years I have been working as a freelance filmmaker, cameraman and editor offering several video production services in the corporate film area.

I’m a passionate creator, always ready for new challenges. Whether you’re looking for a director of your project happening in my area, an experienced cameraman who can produce superb images, a freelance videographer to create your corporate vídeo… I can help.

Contact me for hire by sending a message through the contact page or WhatsApp me or skype me at esr1000.

Video Production

I have experience producing hundreds of business videos for companies, such as Coca Cola Iberian Partners, Elsevier, Primark, HP and others not so popular brands. 

From short-films to youtube vídeos, from cameraman to focus puller, from audiovisual consultant for companies to 1st AD, always looking forward to learn and achieve the best results.

Enrique Serrano

It´s good when you need a filmmaker in Seville / Andalucia / Spain:

All legal

Civil responsibility insurance, Vies VAT approved, used to sign NDAs. 


Full movility

Able to work anywhere with optimized gear prepared for travelling anywhere in Europe.


Coach on-camera talent experienced

I´m used to help here and it´s for me. Used to work with KOLs / senior executives / scientists. Executive Coaching for optimizing on-camera performance. 



S1H (netflix approved) and GH5 available with Atomos Ninja V. Also led fresnel lights, Rode NTG 3, Edelkrone electronic slider, gimball, etc. Comfortable with BM and Sony. 3 Mac computers, NAS and 25 m2 office with 3 spots available. 



I can make special shots such as timelapses with electronic slider. Love testimonial vídeos. Very used to directing and scripting all kind of business video.